Why We’re Walking to Raise Funds


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Why We’re Walking to Raise Funds

Updated: 27 May 2022 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

The 15th of June will be a different workday for Reign Ministries staff. Instead of being sat at a desk, calling students on Zoom in their placements or recruiting next year’s students we’ll be lacing up our boots and walking a combined 100 miles together! All being well (and the same amount of people at […]

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A New Look…

Updated: 24 Nov 2021 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

As most of us can’t afford a complete wardrobe makeover, we find small and creative ways to give ourselves a new look.  Maybe it’s a new haircut, or letting the stubble grow into a beard.  Maybe we splurge on a new winter jacket from TK Maxx, or decide it’s finally time to replace that cheap […]

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More Than ‘Doing A Degree’

Updated: 29 Sep 2021 | Posted by: Hannah Owen

”I hated having to do presentations…now I’ve been able to hold assemblies in front of an entire school.”

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A Father’s Perspective…

Updated: 15 Sep 2021 | Posted by: Guest

Last week we heard from Sam about his journey through applying for and doing the degree. This week we hear from his Dad, David about his own perspective on Sam’s journey. How did you find the application process as Sam was applying for the degree? For a year or so, Sam had wanted to be […]

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Entering a new season for the charity

Updated: 9 Jul 2021 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

Thomas Edison has been well quoted as having discovered ten thousand ways not to invent the lightbulb before he did.  We love this quote because it encourages us that in order to succeed, we will often have to try multiple times in multiple ways before we find the solution. Reign Ministries has recently been through […]

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Partnering with the whole Church to launch youth ministry

Updated: 28 Sep 2020 | Posted by: jstevens

“The new church partnership programme really has one main aim.  We want to help the churches take ownership of having an effective youth ministry.” -Claire Osman This autumn, Claire Osman is leading Reign Ministries in a new church partnership programme.  The aim is to bring together the church’s senior leadership, the youth leader and volunteers and coach […]

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