Best of 2023!

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Best of 2023!

Updated: 27 Dec 2023 | Posted by: Hannah Owen

As we come to the end of 2023 let’s have a look back at your favourite posts of the year! 5. Small Steps of Faith In at number 5 is our video from Kyle talking about how small steps of faith can make a big difference 4. New Changes. Same Passion Next up is another […]

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Expand Your Disciple-Making Horizons

Updated: 13 Dec 2023 | Posted by: Matt Bodinham

Over the past year we’ve been working rebranding our discipleship training under the new heading of “Expand”. Through Expand, we offer a series of training experiences to equip you and your team to effectively disciple young people. Through our rebranding conversations we recognised that we offer our training experiences around two core themes: Once we […]

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James' Story of Discipleship

James’ Story of Discipleship

Updated: 25 Jul 2023 | Posted by: James Yielder

Why Discipleship? The essentiality of discipleship is one that can be first found within Scripture with passages like the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-20) and 2 Timothy 2:2, but also within our culture. Coming Alongside The young people of Gen Z are in the middle of a loneliness and mental health epidemic. Many of us might […]

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Discipleship Training

Updated: 18 Jul 2023 | Posted by: DLR Media

Discipleship Training: Empowering Believers to Make an Eternal Impact Discipleship lies at the heart of Christian ministry. Jesus commanded His followers to go and make disciples of all nations. If you have a passion for helping believers grow in their faith and make a lasting impact in the world, discipleship training is a vital resource. […]

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We’ve Been Busy!

Updated: 12 Jul 2023 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to lately, here’s a summary of some of the things we’ve run, delivered or arranged since last September, and our year is still not done! In addition to these on the left, we have… Why not read more of what we do from some of these short […]

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Close up on Matt

Matt’s Story of Discipleship

Updated: 1 Jul 2023 | Posted by: Matt Bodinham

Why Discipleship? If you hadn’t had guessed already, at Reign Ministries we are all about discipleship. We believe that to fully embrace what it means to be a follower of Jesus we need to be discipling, no matter what this looks like. However, we believe that Jesus shows us a way to do this that […]

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