BY: Jamie Ellis | 03.04.19

Horse and Carts, Family Visits and an Eager Generation: Moldova Mission Highlights 2019

“This is the closest description of what we’ve seen the team develop in. It’s drawing upon the strengths and talents God has given each of us – and using that in a team for His Glory. To make Him famous!” Emily Spicer, Moveolution Europe Team, Moldova 2019 It has been one week since our Moveolution ...

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BY: Jamie Ellis03.03.19

Moldova Mission Diary 2019

While on Mission in Moldova, Emily brings us a diary account of what the team got up to in the village of Palanca. Saturday 16th February – Lift Off!...

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BY: Jamie Ellis10.26.18

5 Halloween Alternatives for Youth Ministry

Halloween is a time where we want to fill our local communities with the light of God and splice through the darkness with the truth. Here are some ideas to...

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BY: Jamie Ellis10.18.18

5 Ways to Connect Your Church and Youth Ministry

Sometimes it can feel like the youth and the church are disconnected from each other. Here are 5 simple ways to help your youth and the church develop a...

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BY: Joy Stevens06.19.17

Craig: God’s Movement in My City

Year One student, Craig, recently shared this story with us about the breakthrough they are seeing in their youth ministry....

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BY: Joy Stevens06.05.17

Inspired by love: Olivia’s Youth Ministry Story

Welcome to ‘Friends of Reign’ where we’ll share the latest stories from our students, teachers, staff members and more. Discover the heart of what we desire, what drives us...

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BY: Joy Stevens04.28.17

Final Podcast: RESTORING Heart

  In this, our third and final podcast, we talk with Reign Ministries Director, Kyle McKinnon and youth practitioners Brad Laing, Meghan Murphy and Sam Williams, as well as...

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BY: Joy Stevens04.27.17

Podcast 2: Losing Heart Report

The team at Youthscape Centre for Research surveyed over 2000 churches regarding their youth and children’s work.  It’s key three findings are that: Churches, especially smaller ones, do more...

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BY: Joy Stevens04.26.17

A Sobering Piece of Research for Youth Ministry

In December 2016 a sobering report was released by Youthscape Centre for Research.  It highlighted the crisis of confidence that churches are having about their ability to engage young...

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