Are your fears and doubts hindering a call from God?

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Are your fears and doubts hindering a call from God?

Updated: 28 Apr 2021 | Posted by: kmckinnon

Have you ever felt God call you to do something? Or to step out in faith in an area of your life and your instant response is ‘no way! I can’t do that!’? Or ‘that’s just my own thoughts… that’s not really God.’ Sometimes all God requires of us is is to take that first […]

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Home church can become your placement

Updated: 21 Oct 2020 | Posted by: kmckinnon

Brad is from Edinburgh and graduated from the degree course in 2016. Throughout his time on the course he would share his passion for his home country and ministry. It was stirring and contagious and it often seemed like bagpipes would start playing in my ears when he spoke about his heart for his city. […]

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Mythbuster: Make the Gospel as easy as possible for teenagers

Updated: 1 Nov 2016 | Posted by: kmckinnon

As our students learn about how to boldly and relevantly take the gospel into the ordinary places of life they walk the line between making the gospel as attractive as possible and Jesus’ call to discipleship.  Third year student, Lucy Butler shares her passion to call young people to respond to the gospel.  Lucy regularly […]

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Mythbuster: Don’t talk about suffering

Updated: 7 Jul 2016 | Posted by: kmckinnon

Youth workers are scared to talk about suffering. In fact, it seems it’s a subject that’s deliberately avoided at times. Questions young people have like ‘How can God be real if my Gran died of cancer?’ or ‘How can God be good if so many people live in poverty?’ can often feel overwhelming and impossible […]

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Mythbuster: Teenagers just aren’t interested in Spiritual things

Updated: 24 Mar 2016 | Posted by: kmckinnon

There is something I’ve noticed. Churches want to reach youth, but they often have no idea how. They have bought into the myth that all we can expect to do is keep teenagers plied with squash, biscuits and Bible stories and that some day they might remember those nice people at the church and come […]

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Moveolution2013 – Summer Trip comes to an end

Updated: 4 Aug 2013 | Posted by: kmckinnon

Here at Reign, one of the key ways we disciple young people is to involve them in TRIPS that take them out of their own natural environments where they can be stretched to grow in their relationship with God, with other people who already walk with God, and those who don’t yet know Him. This […]

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