Craig: God’s Movement in My City

Inspired by love: Olivia’s Youth Ministry Story

Updated: 5 Jun 2017 | Posted by: jstevens

Welcome to ‘Friends of Reign’ where we’ll share the latest stories from our students, teachers, staff members and more. Discover the heart of what we desire, what drives us and how we aim to strive for God’s best in every young person we encounter. “When we were younger we had a really inspiring youth leader […]

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Final Podcast: RESTORING Heart

Updated: 28 Apr 2017 | Posted by: jstevens

  In this, our third and final podcast, we talk with Reign Ministries Director, Kyle McKinnon and youth practitioners Brad Laing, Meghan Murphy and Sam Williams, as well as researcher Phoebe Thompson about the implications of the Losing Heart report for youth ministry training organisations. If you have a heart to change the trend in […]

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Podcast 2: Losing Heart Report

Updated: 27 Apr 2017 | Posted by: jstevens

The team at Youthscape Centre for Research surveyed over 2000 churches regarding their youth and children’s work.  It’s key three findings are that: Churches, especially smaller ones, do more children’s work than youth work. Churches are failing to talk about the topics young people want to discuss. Churches know that they are struggling with their […]

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A Sobering Piece of Research for Youth Ministry

Updated: 26 Apr 2017 | Posted by: jstevens

In December 2016 a sobering report was released by Youthscape Centre for Research.  It highlighted the crisis of confidence that churches are having about their ability to engage young people. Many simply can’t seem to provide any youth work or don’t have any young people left to work with, and it’s hard to know what […]

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Student Reflection: How God Worked in Moldova

Updated: 26 Feb 2017 | Posted by: jstevens

Year three student Annabel Stott brought four young people from St. Francis Church in Doncaster to Moldova with us last week.  Here are her reflections on how the trip will transform those who participated:   “…The five of us from Doncaster were part of a much larger group totalling 19 from England; Scotland, Portugal and […]

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