The Biblical Basis of Influence

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The Biblical Basis of Influence

Updated: 17 Aug 2023 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

Do you realise how important and influential you may be to unlocking someone else’s path? Your simple obedience, leading to a recommendation or suggestion to someone, may be the catalyst that ultimately turns their life around!  Someone’s path could be forever changed by a simple comment or suggestion. Here we’ve listed some Biblical examples of […]

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Investing in Youth Leaders

Add four and subtract three…

Updated: 17 Jul 2023 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

Our Reign Ministries team has adjusted quite significantly recently. We are very sad to say goodbye to three special team members! Yet we are incorporating four hubs (and leaders) into our family from September. By formally establishing four training hubs, we are excited to work more closely with youth leaders and organisations operating in local […]

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We’ve Been Busy!

Updated: 12 Jul 2023 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to lately, here’s a summary of some of the things we’ve run, delivered or arranged since last September, and our year is still not done! In addition to these on the left, we have… Why not read more of what we do from some of these short […]

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A Shout Out To The Small Youth Groups

Updated: 29 Mar 2023 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

Is Bigger Better? The bigger your youth group, the better, right? We get a special energy from the buzz of a crowd. We believe that when we’re connected to more people we’re able to have more impact. But is this really the case in youth ministry? Most of us have the feeling that this approach […]

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A Calling To Youth Ministry

Updated: 8 Feb 2023 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

Where Is God Calling Me? I have a calling to youth ministry. But 30 years ago – I had no idea! I remember sitting in a marquee at a Christian music festival as a teenager, listening to a speaker talking about ‘Hearing God’s Call’.  This was something I was wrestling with, so I figured that […]

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