An Interview With Anthony

Hi Everyone! My name is Anthony and I am in my final year of this 3 year degree course.

Why Did I Choose Reign Ministries?

To be honest I was not looking for a university course at all, Reign came looking for me. I felt that I was not the right type of person to return to studying after an exceptionally long break, 20 years to be exact. I was currently volunteering in my local community as a youth worker when I came across Reign Ministries. Before this, I had never heard of them before.

I was attending a weekly prayer event for youth workers in my area and Kyle McKinnon just happened to be the guest speaker that day. He gave a short talk about Reign Ministries and the Theology Degree programme. He then passed me a card with contact details on for if I was ever interested in exploring the degree.

I returned to my job as a youth worker and began to pray about this opportunity, asking God to show me if this opportunity was from Him. I did not think for a single moment that my current circumstances would allow me to do this but God had other plans. The more I prayed about the degree, the more I realised my feelings around it were getting stronger, not going away. That is when I knew this opportunity was from God.

What Was The Process Like?

I had a telephone call with Pete Telfer who discussed the course with me. He then sent me a prospectus and a chocolate bar… I mean who doesn’t like free chocolate!?

I wasn’t able to attend an Open Day, so after I had applied for the course it wasn’t until September 2019 that I got to meet everyone in person. I was a quiet, nervous person but I found that the Reign staff, and my fellow students supported and encouraged me to fulfil the potential God had given me.

In the Spring of 2020, God said to me that He was sending me 141 miles from where I was currently living and working. Initially I was very hesitant in listening to this call. I am so glad that I was obedient as God has blessed me with accommodation, an amazing wife and I am going from strength to strength with my Church and Work Based Learning. The opportunities keep on coming and I am grabbing them with both hands!

Would I Recommend Reign Ministries To Others?

Absolutely!! When I first spoke to Pete about all my concerns, he soon put me at ease. My age still bothers me a little, at 38 I am the oldest student in my year, but that is OK. God can still use me to fulfill His plan and He is doing just that!

For anyone that is thinking of enrolling with Reign, I would say just do it. The love, support, and encouragement that I am receiving from them is amazing and I feel so blessed to call them family and I will be praying you do to!

If you, like Anthony was, are unsure that doing a degree is right for you, then why don’t you request a prospectus below to find out more or join us on our next Open Day?


This article was written by one of our past or current students, for a first hand feel of what the Reign Degree Program is like.

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