CCPASReign Ministries places the protection of children in its care as one of its major priorities and responsibilities. We are committed to the safety and well being of our children.  Accordingly we work under the advisement of our partner Churches Child Protection Advisory Service.

Our child protection policy applies to all adults, including volunteers, working with children on behalf of Reign Ministries. All staff and volunteers receive regular training of the good practice guidelines which we adhere to as suggested by the CCPAS. Clear written procedures are in place for how we work with children and young people, including, for example, staff supervision ratios, transporting young people and risk assessing.

We will refer any issues to our Child Protection Coordinator when appropriate and work together with other agencies to protect our children.  We will attend, provide reports for Child Protection conferences and contribute, where appropriate to any Child Protection plan.

Working with the CCPAS Disclosure Service, all of our staff and volunteers will complete a DBS before they fill a post to work with children. Where potential staff and volunteers have significant record of overseas residence, we request that the applicant obtain the equivalent checks from the country in question where available.

Reign Ministries recognises and accepts that youth ministers, because of their unique position, are well placed to observe children and note any emotional, behavioural or physical signs which may be suggested of child abuse.  It recognises that the relationship between youth ministers and children, which fosters respect, confidence and trust can lead to the disclosure of abuse. Therefore, in order to prepare staff for their responsibility in relation to the protection of children, our staff, volunteers and gap-year students have received child protection awareness. Practically, this means our staff and volunteers follow the written procedure outlining what action they must take if they believe a child or young person may be at risk.