Our Approach

We believe Christ not only gave the great commission, but modelled a method for ministry- discipleship. Throughout our offerings we teach students how to build disciple-making youth ministries. Our goal isn’t just to reach the youth of this generation, but rather see a movement of young people reaching their peers for years to come.


Identify new groups to serve

Our students are being challenged to live on mission. As they begin their church placement we challenge them to identify new groups of young people they can serve in their communities. It may take many different forms, but every balanced youth ministry needs to have opportunities for young people to start a relationship with God.

We believe young people are hungry to be reconnected with God now, not only 20 years down the line. Youth clubs are great, but many leaders have bought into the lie that young people are simply not interested in God, or they lack the skills to have significant spiritual conversations that lead to transformation. Our experience has been different. Young people are spiritually interested. They do experience Christ, regardless of their background, and many are deciding to follow Jesus.

Reconnect young people to God

We equip our students in the very basics of evangelism. We show them how to demonstrate to an indifferent world that God is good and Christians are okay. We help them learn how to build relationships with all sorts of teenagers and how to provide care and compassion for each young person they meet in their community. They learn how to stir the spiritual interest of those they are meeting and ultimately help young people reconnect with God through faith in Jesus Christ.


Establish groups to foster growth

Our students will implement a ministry that helps young people to grow. Students are challenged to establish discipleship groups where young people can be cared for as well as shown how to pray, how to hear from God through the Bible, how to be an active part of the life of the church and how to join in God’s mission.


Train young people to lead

Youth ministries will fizzle and shrink if young people are not being called to follow Jesus in faith-filled mission. Our students will implement ministry training for the young people. They will help young people walk by faith- be it making tea and coffee, leading games, facilitating small groups or sharing their faith.

A big part of leadership development is involving young people in mission. We believe transformation often comes when young people are given opportunities to step out of their everyday routine and experience the world’s need for Jesus. Your student will aim to provide the young people several opportunities, both in the UK and abroad to participate in cross-cultural mission.

"We want to thank you for organising and leading this experience to Moldova. Our daughter has come back changed and spiritually charged. Thank you most of all for all your prayers, the spiritual input you have given and for allowing our daughter and the others to serve the Lord by serving others. We can see the spiritual as well as emotional growth that theses few weeks have afforded." -Parent from Birmingham


Produce Disciplemakers

Often it takes several years of work, but a disciple-making youth ministry will produce young people who have the spiritual maturity to reach their friends with Christ’s message of hope and disciple them towards that same maturity. Making disciples who can make disciples was the ministry strategy of Christ, and we believe it to be the hope for the church in the coming generation.

Expand the Ministry

As young people start a relationship with God, grow deep in their faith, lead according to their giftedness, and expand discipleship, we expect the ministry to move in new directions. God will use his young people to bring hope to new groups of people and across cultural boundaries.