A Video from our Trip to Moldova!


Here’s a report from our team leader, Kyle McKinnon:

Prayer really does work!!  Having people pray in numerous, cities, countries and even continents for our time away really paved the way for God to do some amazing things!

We shared tea and biscuits with a group of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics and heard about how God had changed their lives.  We were able to play kids games with three 8- year olds who had no idea who Jesus was.  We were able to share all of our existing and lacking musical talents with churches, homes, and bus drivers all around the city.  We felt God’s presence while serving, praying, playing and even when we were able to lead two people to Christ.  The Moldovan people need the love of  Jesus and for 10 days this year we were able to join Him in the mission He wanted to do there.  I can’t wait to see is how that flame of God’s presence is going to make a difference in the five churches that we partnered with.  In the future we plan to return to these churches and continue the story of what has begun there.



Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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