A Son’s Perspective…

Meet Sam Williams, and hear about his journey through the Reign Degree Programme.

What lead you to apply, and how did you find the application process?

I had gotten to know Reign as a young person with my youth worker who was training at the time with Reign Ministries. I got to know more about the degree and gap year offered by Reign through some of their mission trips that I attended with my youth worker. Much to my surprise in my second year at 6th-form I felt God saying that the degree was the right fit for me, and although I resisted at first (I had my own plans, you see!) within weeks I could no longer deny that God was being very clear that this would be a good next step for me. Begrudgingly I applied but was soon bombarded with lots of Godly ‘coincidences’ all confirming and answering the questions I had about the degree.

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Were there any areas in your life where you experienced growth or transformation?

I was based in Bicester for the entirety of my degree and noticed very quickly how the degree and support from the team at Reign was not only equipping me, but also leading me into self-discovery and awareness of my own personal relationship with God. I confess I hadn’t looked too much into the degrees syllabus and assumed it would mostly be theology for the sake of knowledge, but very quickly I found the course was much more focused on practical theology, the church in a modern context (whilst also understanding what came before) and how we could not only impact teenagers effectively but also create healthy discipleship making ministries. 

The confidence and foundation that it has given me has been invaluable and I love that Reign has only improved in supporting it’s students not only academically but holistically too.

Would you recommend Reign Ministries to someone who is thinking about a degree in youth ministry?

I graduated a few years ago but I’m actually finding the knowledge and wisdom that I gained more and more beneficial. As well as working for Reign part time I also lead a youth ministry and am one of three running my local church. The things I learnt during the degree have been invaluable to me in the last few years, especially in how to think through various scenarios and theological situations. Being a part of Reign’s family whilst studying has allowed me a safe place to process both personal and spiritual things that would come up. The confidence and foundation that it has given me has been invaluable and I love that Reign has only improved in supporting it’s students not only academically but holistically too. I would thoroughly recommend doing the degree with Reign Ministries and have found it to be a pivotal point of my early adult life and something I still daily see the benefits from.

Next week we’ll post a response to similar questions from a parent’s perspective (Sam’s dad)!

Sam Williams

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