A New Look…

As most of us can’t afford a complete wardrobe makeover, we find small and creative ways to give ourselves a new look.  Maybe it’s a new haircut, or letting the stubble grow into a beard.  Maybe we splurge on a new winter jacket from TK Maxx, or decide it’s finally time to replace that cheap Samsung phone with the cracked screen we got 3 years ago from a supermarket.

Reign Ministries has also gone through a phase of giving ourselves a new look, both in the way we teach and support our degree students, and the way we work as a staff team.

Walking into our conference centre last week in Herefordshire you could easily be forgiven thinking that everything was back to normal. Apart from the 30 LFT tests lined up to the left of the entrance and new sleeping arrangements, classes were back on, corporate worship times were happening, one on one meetings for students to help troubleshoot with practitioners resumed and shared fellowship was all back. Like putting on an old comfy jumper!  Yet it still felt different, as new procedures were in place to help keep everyone safe from coronavirus, some people maintained a social distance from others, and a couple of students had to join their classes online from their own homes.

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‘Forced to re-think’ has been thrown around a lot by different organisations and churches, but looking back we’d now be confident in saying that rather the chance to come to God and seek clarity and vision has been instrumental to our restructure and future thoughts. Training youth workers and those they work with has now become even clearer as our aim. We are laser focused on

training youth leaders…to be disciplemakers…and to lead disciple making youth ministries.

We’ve re-structured how our staff work together into three priorities; People Care, Operational Support and Growth. Most of our staff operate within a number of sub teams, including People Care and Spiritual formation, HR, Regional, Academic, Event delivery, Recruitment, Donor Support, Operations, Finances and Exec.  This has enabled us to further concentrate on our degree training, support of alumni, training volunteer teams and investing more directly into youth practitioners in the UK who are looking to directly support and bless other youth initiatives in their local area. This new look to our internal structure brings a fresh approach to work, yet it continues to play to our strengths and vision. We know that there have been a lot of you really coming alongside us in this time both in prayer and financially and that’s why we are so excited to share where we’re at and the possibilities the future could bring.

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Charlie Morris

Charlie helps much of the behind the scenes work happen smoothly. He heads up our Operations, Recruitment and Donor Support Teams. He first started as a volunteer youth leader back in 1988, and has worked in churches and Christian youth organisations in Australia, England and Scotland.

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