100 mile walk

UPDATE: We have completed the walk! Combining the total distance the entire team walked on the day, along with one walk completed a week prior, we have achieved our target of walking 100 miles. It turned out to be a pretty warm day and the scenery alongside the river was even prettier than we’d anticipated. Thanks to all who have donated, whether it was £2 or £200. This page will close soon, so this is your last chance to make a donation to support the ministry.

In June 2022, the staff team and some friends of ours will be walking a collective 100 miles to try and raise over £2000 to support the ministry of Reign Ministries.  Would you consider giving a one off gift to encourage the team and help us impact even more youth leaders?

At times it feels like the opportunities are limitless, yet the reality of our limited resources, finances and staff, is the thing that holds us back from pursuing what’s in front of us. – Charlie, Head of Operations

Our desire is to establish hubs of local leaders and coaches in several regions across the UK, widening our presence in more communities. Most of the funds raised from this walk will help us establish and support our first hub outside of Oxfordshire.

Get in touch if you’d like to join us on the walk, or volunteer as a driver or to help with providing tea and coffee part way along the walk.

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My role on Reign is to RUN the Learning Community Programme, and the money raised from this is going to be really helpful as we enter into the new CYCLE. To JOG your memory, it’s a 2 year programme, that’s been going SWIMmingly so far, and we’re just entering the next level of recruitment before DIVING into the next round. The money raised from this fundraiser, will help us to WALK alongside several new churches and youth ministries as they HOP on board with discipleship, and we help them with what they’re struggling with, to a point where they’re smooth SAILING. As well as all that, I’m just looking forward to HIKING up my trousers, putting on my boots, and “walking in the manner worthy to my calling” with my fellow teammates, as we CLIMB towards this fundraising goal together.

Km Walk

I am looking forward to this opportunity to raise funds to help us invest into future UK leaders, in particular from Northern Ireland.  It is a country with so many wonderful churches and people but still with a desperate need for young people to be discipled so they can reach and disciple their friends.


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We are walking together as a team to raise funds to help us continue to train emerging leaders who are committed to disciple-making across the UK.  Thank you in advance for not only supporting this mission, but me as well!  This is a work close to my heart.


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Having been around the Reign Ministries family since its infancy, I can see the significant impact that it has on all those who are involved. By donating to this cause we will be able to see more young leaders trained for effective youth ministry, and therefore more young people knowing of the transformational love of God.

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Many drops make an ocean! I hope what I raise will contribute to enabling more youth ministers across the UK being more passionate about Jesus and committed to disciple making!

Cm Walk

Knowing my small part will help us reach a bigger goal, I am looking forward to walking alongside my colleagues and generating more finances to see us pioneer youth ministry hubs in new parts of the UK. I see the huge potential impact this would have here in Scotland.


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I’m taking part in this walk as I really believe that by raising funds for our small team it can have a huge effect on those student youth ministers we’re serving around the country. I want our team to be able to continue to support and walk alongside them and to create new and effective training methods and approaches.


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You’ll often find me on a Saturday out walking somewhere with my son and husband. What could be a more fun way to raise money than walking with your friends and teammates?
There is so much potential to be realised within young people and I love being able to invest my time and energy in them. Donating to this cause will enable this to happen more!


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I am committing to walking, as a team, to help us continue to train leaders of all sorts across the UK to be passionate about Youth Discipleship and equipped to implement it. Money raised will enable us to do this most effectively as we reach out into areas where such training is not as easily accessible.


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