Round Pounds for Reign Campaign

Make a donation on behalf of the Round Pounds Campaign

Why Round Pounds

Starting 28 March the UK government is introducing a new 12-sided pound coin. The “round pound” will be in circulation alongside the new coin until it ceases to be legal tender on 15 October. So we’ve got about 6 months to rescue those Round Pounds and donate them to Reign.
Why Round Pounds?

How Does It Work

We need you to help us collect all those poor, unwanted ROUND POUNDS. You’ll be a hero! Click on this link and we’ll mail you a money collection box. It’s cute and has a pig on it. It will look great on your desk. Rescue (err, I mean collect) Round Pounds from 28 March – 1 October and then turn them into Reign. Don’t worry if you live far away- we’ll help you get your pounds home to the Reign office in the autumn.

Be A Champion

If you rescue at least £30 Round Pounds we’ll exchange your moneybox for an amazing “Round Pounds for Reign Champion” T-shirt.

It has a pig on it…all the latest in T-shirt fashion!

Trade your full money box for a Round Pounds T-shirt

Three Ways to Get Involved:

Everyone has a piggy bank, or a jar that’s been sitting around the house collecting loose change. You’ve got to do something with it! Why not donate your old Round Pounds to Reign so we can continue our work of mission and discipleship among young people.
You can rescue your friends’ Round Pounds by setting up a small “Round Pounds for Reign” event in you home, church or youth group. Over the next few weeks we’ll e-mail you ideas of simple ways you can collect more round pounds through simple games, coffee mornings, and challenges. Show them the video above and tell them how you’ve been impacted by the Reign Ministries family.
The simplest way to get involved is to place your Moneybox on your desk at home or work.  When you feel a Round Pound jingling in your pocket just drop it in!  Take it around at work and raid everyone else’s pockets.  Do whatever you need to do to rescue those Round Pounds for Reign!